Community Gallery

Each month, our community gallery features new exhibitions of original works created by local and regional artists in our Gallery @ Room 1927, located at 6 South Joachim Street (next door to the Saenger Theatre). The gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Any artists are eligible and may submit a proposal for consideration. Exhibitions are usually displayed from the first Wednesday through the last day of each month.

In addition to our traditional gallery, we are now also accepting proposals for quarterly exhibitions in our window display cases, located between Room 1927 and the Saenger Box Office. If you are interested in creating a window installation, email

Join us on the second Friday of each month during LoDa ArtWalk for our exhibition receptions. Meet the artists, see their work in person, and create a personal connection with what is on display. Our gallery is open to the public Tuesdays - Fridays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Those that are vaccinated are not required to wear masks in the gallery. View our extended Virtual Gallery program, implemented during the 2020 quarantine, online here. View our current and recent exhibitors below!

Our Community Gallery program is made possible thanks to the Daniel Foundation of Alabama and the J.L. Bedsole Foundation. To sponsor an exhibition, please see our Sponsorship Information.


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Exhibition schedule is subject to change.*


March Exhibitions: Not Without Water & Blue Mind

This March, MAC’s Gallery @ Room 1927 will feature two exhibitions: “Not Without Water” by Pier Hardin and “Blue Mind” curated by Kathy Martin

Not Without Water depicts the environments that could not exist without water. Surreal and abstract forests, bog plants, cypress knees, swamps, mythical caves, carp, lily pads, insects, and frogs—water is their source of life, just as it is ours. Reflected clouds on a pond surface, a meandering stream that courses underground, a hollowed cave—all are evidence of water’s complex and vital omnipresence. The recurring lines, shapes, and patterns observable in the plants and animals that thrive in or at water’s edge define Pier Hardin’s aesthetic sensibility, and hold her in thrall at the miraculous connectedness of nature. Pier’s paintings tend to put the viewer closer to the subject, and often have no horizon lines in sight. This magnified tete-a-tete with a pitcher plant or a frog swimming to the surface of a pond often results in an intimate point of view. The bold colors she chooses express extremes of darkness and light, frequently lending a surreal or fantastical mood to the subject matter. She uses organic line and careful placement to move the viewer’s eye intentionally about the compositions, just as water moves us with rhythm and fluidity. As a Mobilian, a proximity to water has profoundly shaped Pier’s understanding of beauty and mystery. She hopes that her oils and watercolors reveal a reverence toward the biodiverse world of nature that exists in Mobile’s estuary systems. These primordial places where tides meet streams continuously bind Pier in their spells.

“Life in us is like the water in the river.” – Henry David Thoreau

“Blue Mind” is a term used by scientists to refer to the healing power of water and the benefits it has for emotional health and physical wellbeing.  Evidence shows that being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, more connected, and better at what you are doing. All the artists in this show live on the water, and are inspired by its presence in their daily lives. Whether it is the trickle of a stream, the crashing waves of the ocean, or a colorful sunset over the Chesapeake Bay, the sights and sounds of a body of water are woven into each of the creative minds of this group and influence their work in a powerful way.  Participating artists include Jan Finn-Duffy, Janie Brown Johnson, Renee Wallace, JoAnn Cox, Susan Rouillier, Kathy Martin, Susan Downing-White, Janie Zetsch, and Anna-Marie Babington.

Contact Sydney Cramer at or 251-432-9796 for more information. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday – Friday and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday. The gallery will be closed Saturday, March 18th.


February Exhibitions: Visual Arts Achievement Program & Young at Art

This February, MAC’s Gallery @ Room 1927 will feature two exhibitions: The District 1 Visual Arts Achievement Program and Young at Art.

The Visual Arts Achievement Program provides opportunities for students in grades 6 through 12 to be recognized for their contributions to the visual arts at the local and state levels. View the statewide schedule on ASCA’s website here. The District 1 juried exhibition will hang from February 4th until the awards ceremony on Sunday, February 26th from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the MAC Gallery.

Those eligible for District 1 include public and private schools Baldwin, Clarke, Conecuh, Escambia, Mobile, Monroe, and Washington counties. Every student who receives a District Award will be recognized in the State Awards from the Alabama State Council on the Arts online. All entries, in person and virtual, must be submitted online. Private studios are not eligible to submit work. Entry categories include painting, drawing, 3-D/craft, sculpture, photography/new media, and printmaking.

Concurrently, Young at Art is for 5th grade students and below and not included in the juried competition. These entries must be equipped to hang (with a wire, sawtooth hanger, contact strips, or some other way that does not stick out of the top of the artwork). Unlike VAAP, this show is also open to private lesson teachers.

Contact Sydney Cramer at or 251-432-9796 for more information. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday – Friday and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday. For special Mardi Gras hours, the gallery will close at 4 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, February 16th and 17th, and remain closed through February 21st. All normal business hours will resume Wednesday, February 22nd.

January Exhibitions: “Body of Work” & “Friends and Figures”

This January, MAC’s Gallery @ Room 1927 will feature two exhibitions: “Body of Work” by Louis Tooker and “Friends and Figures” curated by Jessica Maples.

For the past twenty-five years, Louis Tooker has joined with fellow artists to draw from live models, many of those sketches making up Body of Work. He finds figurative studies to be challenging because he finds the human body to be somewhat awkwardly put together, and therefore, difficult to draw. “Since we all have seen countless human bodies in every imaginable position, it is easy for even a non-artist to recognize a bad drawing. So, for every drawing I have chosen to include in this show, there are several that will forever remain out of sight, in a drawer, at home. Sometimes the magic works, sometimes the magic doesn’t work…” With the exception of this show, his artwork cannot be found in any galleries, and unlike some of his artist friends, Louis does not have a website. “This exhibition will be the first time anyone outside my family has seen most of these drawings, and I thank the Mobile Arts Council for this wonderful opportunity.” 

Friends and Figures features twenty-four works from twelve artists consisting of both Mobile-based and Auburn University student artists. Featuring various figure studies, mediums, and artistic styles, this exhibition highlights a wide range of talent. Featured artists include Gary Brady, Joanne Brandt, Brittney Cobb, Katie Daughtry, Cameron Hodges, Sydney Linley, Jessica Maples, Garrett Morris, Christopher Murray, Sarah Rutledge Fischer, Molly Werk, and Lauren Woods.

These exhibitions will hang from January 5th through January 31st, 2023.

November Exhibitions: Ty Tover & Lynne Weeks

This November and December, MAC’s Gallery @ Room 1927 will feature two exhibitions: “I am Light” by Ty Tover and “All About the Dress” by Lynne Weeks. These exhibitions will hang from November 3rd through December 21st, 2022. Read more about these exhibitions below!

Tyrome “Ty” Tover – TOSH TOVAR | Art Therapy Paintings – is a contemporary expressionist painter who lives and works in Mobile, Alabama. Born in May 1971, he is a native of Mobile, Alabama. Ty has served as the Peer Mentor for the Mobile County Health Department, primary care division, Family Health for nearly a decade. Ty’s dedication to the HIV community long predates his work with Family Health. Since the early 1990’s, Ty has worked within the HIV community as a soundboard, advocate, and local leader. Mr. Tover’s work as an artist was most recently utilized by MCHD as a therapeutic approach to wellness and HIV intervention. This work has blossomed into quarterly guided therapeutic art sessions led by Tover and debuted on social media handles and YouTube channels. Additionally, Mr. Tover’s efforts have been highlighted by the World Health Organization and grant funding opportunities are currently in the works to exponentially increase his outreach and therapeutic approach. Mr. Tover has received a certificate of completion for Art Therapy from “The Complementary Medical Association” as well as receiving his certification in Mental Health First Aid. Ty’s work as a locally renowned artist is meant to be both empowering and symbolic to the viewer. His colorful paintings pay homage to his life experiences and his emotions. His distinctive personal style and use of color permeates throughout his works. Most of his works display his fondness for use of acrylic paints over black canvas. Mr. Tover has led a very interesting life saturated in the arts, from lead dancer to choreographer to local artist. Mr. Tover left Mobile early on in his life to seek culture in other communities.  Ty spent over a decade in Los Angeles, California – the Art Capital of the United States. He has served on numerous artistic boards including the Anaheim Museum of Arts, the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Anaheim sponsored by Disney, as well as many others. Ty’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Mobile, Alabama, including the most recent exhibit by the Mobile Arts Council “A Celebration of Black Artists.”  Mr. Tover’s work is currently featured on the Mobile Arts Council’s Virtual Art Gallery at Additionally, Mr. Tover had his artwork displayed during the February 2022 Loda Art Walk and was very honored to participate in that historical event, which also celebrated black artists and their contributions to the art community. Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) envisioned the future of health and well-being in the Western Pacific in 2050 with the inaugural WHO Futures Art Exhibition. Among those who submitted entries is Ty Tover. Of his five pieces of art which were all accepted by the juried panel, the painting titled “Alone” has been selected by a panel of art experts from the Western Pacific and staff with the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific to receive special honors. “Alone” was selected as one of the most inspiring and thought-proving pieces in the Technology category. Because “Alone” was selected as a distinguished winner, it is now exhibited in a dedicated 3D virtual gallery. This can be found at the following link:

Lynne Weeks is a skilled watercolor artist and teacher with long-time ties to the Mobile arts scene. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Art from the University of Alabama, and is a graduate of The Phoebe Flory Watercolor School in Mount Vernon, New Hampshire. Her art has been exhibited with Mobile Arts Council, Mobile Art Association, Louisiana Art League, and more. She has received numerous 1st place and Members Choice Awards within these organizations. All About the Dress is inspired by those special moments that often-become special memories. “There are times in our lives when a special event occurs, and many are marked with not only a social celebration but also a specific sort of garment. A christening dress for new baby is often used repeatedly in expanded family as well as over multiple generations. Visually it is a symbol not only of the event but also the family connection. A handmade cocktail dress is a work of art in itself, a prom dress is a unique memory, as is a wedding dress. Other special memories are recalled by costumes worn on occasions such as ballet performance or Azalea Trail and Mardi Gras gowns, at occasions unique to our area. Historically traditional gowns worn for special occasions have been preserved and passed from one generation to the next, sealed in boxes or hanging protected from dust, but rarely ever seen. In illustrating these garments imagining the feeling of the wearer is a fascinating challenge, and allows a timeless connection -it literally is ” All about the Dress!”

October Exhibitions: L.A. Stevens, Art of Engineers, & WGAS

This October, MAC’s Gallery @ Room 1927 will feature three exhibitions: the Watercolor & Graphic Art Society’s “Annual Fall Show”, “Confusion” by L.A. Stevens, and “Airbus Art of Engineers.” These exhibitions will hang from October 5th through October 30th, 2022. Read more about these exhibitions below!

As a non-profit organization, the object of the Watercolor & Graphic Arts Society is to create, through education, more interest in the media of watercolor and graphic arts, and to promote finer watercolor and graphic arts exhibitions by Alabama artists. The Society holds a minimum of two exhibitions annually, at least one of which is always juried. 

“Confusion Number 1” by L.A. Stevens

Linda Angelina Stevens, AKA Brenda Archie-Whiddon, is an American abstract artist, author, poet, and screenwriter. She has always enjoyed an active imagination, which she uses in all of her work. Prior to accepting her calling as an abstract artist, she worked as a procurement specialist for Lockheed Martin at NASA Shared Service Center on the campus of NASA John C. Stennis Space Center. Health issues forced her into an early retirement in 2012. She earned her MBA from Webster University and her undergraduate degree in Biology and Mathematics from the University of Mobile. She has traveled to over twenty-seven countries during her early years.

In 2010, Linda took up abstract art. She goes by the alias L.A. Stevens and Angelina Stevens for art exhibitions and in her writings. She delights in painting in acrylic, and oils and watercolors, and she paints on canvas and wood. Her “Confusion” exhibition is inspired by the works of her favorite artist, Jackson Pollock. The paintings in the Confusion exhibition are a respectful nod to one of the paintings of Jackson Pollock, titled Blue Poles: Number 11, 1952.

Poverty, racism, abduction, rape, and war are the fuels that ignite the flames of inspiration that motivates this self-taught artist. Her emotional state – past, present, and future – are poured out into her art. More than one viewer has stated that they see people in her paintings, so does she. However, she leaves you to make your own interpretation of what you see.

Dan Domenzain and Lucy Gafford at the 2022 Airbus Art of Engineers Event

The Airbus Art of Engineers is a competition and exhibition which takes place each year at their Mobile, Alabama facility. Airbus employees are encouraged to participate by bringing in works of art to be put on display, shared, and judged by an area art professional. The 2022 winners, selected by MAC’s Executive Director, will each have works on display in the gallery for the month of October.

Azalea City Art Quilters & 2022 Throwdown Artists

This September, the Mobile Arts Council’s Gallery @ Room 1927 is hosting two new exhibitions. Viewpoints by the Azalea City Art Quilters features works from over 10 different art quilt collections completed by the group since 2020. The 2022 Throwdown Artists features works from this year’s 10th Annual Throwdown competitors – Mayssam Iskandar, John Halliday, Christopher Murray, Elizabeth Brooks, and Devontae Knight.

The Azalea City Art Quilters are a group of artists working in fabric, using quilting techniques to create original art quilts in a wide range of topics. They work on a number of projects every year ranging from large, collaborative quilts to smaller, individual ones. They use a variety of techniques and styles to create fun and unusual pieces. Employing a “no rules” philosophy, they enjoy expanding the viewer’s idea of what a quilt is.

In its 10th year, The Throwdown is the Mobile Arts Council’s largest annual fundraiser. Consisting partially of a live art competition, the five artists will have 90 minutes to create an original piece of art while utilizing items from a mystery box. At the end of the evening, these one-of-a-kind works will be auctioned off, and the artist with the highest bid will take home the title off 2022 Throwdown champion. In conjunction with this fundraiser, we are highlighting our competing artists in the gallery throughout the month.

Both of these exhibitions will hang in the MAC Gallery @ Room 1927 through September 30th, 2022. Gallery hours are Tuesdays – Fridays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The gallery will be closed for a private event on September 14th, 2022.

2022 MAC Members’ Show

The 2022 Annual MAC Members’ Show features 53+ artists in a variety of artistic mediums and styles representative of our area. Unlike our typical month-long exhibitions, this show will be featured in our gallery throughout the months of July and August!   We will announce the awards, sponsored by the Dempsey & Litchfield Fund, on August 12th during LoDa ArtWalk.

Prizes for the MAC Members’ Show will be awarded as follows:

Best in Show – $500

2nd Place – $300

3rd Place – $250

Dempsey & Litchfield Award – painting, photography, or drawing specifically focused on the greater-Mobile area – $200

Members’ Choice Award – $150

Honorable Mention – $75

Honorable Mention – $75

This year’s judge is Mattie Codling, the Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art (WAMA) in Ocean Springs, MS. She has been a part of the WAMA staff since April 2016. Codling is responsible for exhibition research, development, and installation, as well as the care and promotion of the Museum’s permanent and loaned collections. Codling completed her undergraduate work at The University of Mississippi where she double majored in Art History and Anthropology. She received her master’s degree in Art History from Florida State University with a specialization in Museum Studies.

Participating artists include Eric Achenbach, Joanne Brandt, David Bridwell, Elizabeth Brooks, Clara Brunk, Paul Campbell, Mike Carmichael, Katie Chatham, Curtis Clark, Laura Compton, Steven Dark, Claire DeWitt, Diana Dyer, Chase Essary, Lucy Gafford, Nancy Goodman, Lana Hall, Tracy Hartley, Janet Hinton, Karen House, Patrick Hurley, Mayssam Iskandar, Carolyn Joseph, Janie Brown Johnson, Laura Jurjevich, Katie Kaufman, Mike Kittrell, Ruby Lange, Terry Lepre, Micah Mermilliod, Angela Montgomery, William Morris, Christopher Murray, Melvin Murrill, Michelle Pujols, Barbara Rettig, Rikki Rhodes, Morgan Rosenbohm, Durand Seay, Nikki Shaw, Laurie Schaerer, LeaAyn Shurley, Barbara Spafford, Kay Spencer, Emily Sommer, L A Stevens, Katie Thompson, Lynda Touart, Sally Adams Trufant, Liv Urbane, Renee Wallace, Lisa Warren, Lynne Weeks, Susan Wertelecki, Marnee Wiley, Bill Wooley, Amanda Youngblood, Stephanie Zaputil.

The 2022 MAC Members’ Show will hang in MAC’s Gallery @Room 1927 from July 6th, 2022 – August 31st, 2022. The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

June Exhibitions: “Miniatures & More” by Roxann Dyess and “Urban Vibes” by PleinAirSouth

This June, MAC’s Gallery @ Room 1927 will host two new exhibitions: “Miniatures & More” by Roxann Dyess and “Urban Vibes,” a group exhibition by PleinAirSouth. “Miniatures & More” is a retrospective exhibition highlighting the life and legacy of Mobile artist Roxann Dyess, and “Urban Vibes” will showcase views of downtown Mobile by artists affilliated with PleinAirSouth. Both of these exhibitions will be on display in the MAC Gallery from June 4th – June 30th, 2022. A special reception will take place on ArtWalk night, June 10th, from 6 to 9 p.m. Regular gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Saturday, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Miniatures & More is a retrospective exhibition highlighting the life and artistic legacy of Roxann Dyess. Born on December 23, 1952, Roxann was and remains an important fixture in the arts scene of Mobile. She was an active member of the Mobile Art Association, Mobile Arts Council, and many other local and national arts organizations. Roxann worked in a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylic, doll house miniatures, Sumi-e, Zentangle, sculpture, and more. When she was not practicing her art, she worked for the Mobile Probate Court for 30 years before retiring as the County Elections Coordinator. She was also a very active participant with the Distinguished Young Women Program (DYW), formerly Junior Miss, serving as a hostess to the girls who would travel to Mobile for the national competition each summer. Roxann passed away due to complications from leukemia at 5:15 am, Friday, April 23rd, 2021. She died peacefully while holding the hand of her beloved husband, JD Dyess. She is survived by her parents, Bill and Mary Ross; her sister, Robin Ross; and her loving son, Todd Mathers. The Roxann Dyess Has-Been Spirit Award is a scholarship that has been set up for the DYW Program in Roxann’s honor. All proceeds from her exhibition will go to continue funding this scholarship. “Her friends were dear and devoted in many areas; church, work, the art world, and truly everyone she met. If you knew her, I share your loss and your grief. If you did not know her, I offer my sorrow for your loss.” – JD Dyess

“Joseph Street” by Missy Patrick

PleinAirSouth is an informal group of local artists in the greater Mobile area who like to paint outside in the plein air tradition, “en plein air”.  Any interested artist is invited to follow our Facebook page and participate in scheduled painting events.  Artists may work in any number of different mediums, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, and pastel. Plein air paintings are often completed in a couple of hours. The challenge is to capture the light, colors, and shadows for a fresh look at the subject as the lighting and weather conditions are constantly changing. These quick paintings attempt to capture the spirit of the subject, and may serve as a study for future studio paintings or stand alone as a completed painting. PleinAirSouth artists have painted numerous locations in and around Mobile and the adjacent Gulf coastal areas.  This exhibit focuses on the vibrant areas of downtown Mobile, as well as some of the older, less-explored areas in the urban environment.  The exhibit includes studies completed on site, as well as studio pieces informed by on-site studies. “We hope you can sense the urban vibes when you view these portraits of the heart and soul of the city!” Artists participating in this exhibition include Gail Bramer, Joanne Brandt, Carolyn Greene, Tamara Lindsay, Sharon Martin, Missy Patrick, Melissa Root, and Myrna Salaun.

May Exhibitions: “Black Life in Mobile” & Mobile Art Association

This May, MAC’s Gallery @ Room 1927 will host two new exhibitions: “Black Life in Mobile,” a community photovoice project presented by The Black Life, Arts, and Culture Coalition (BLACC) and the Mobile Art Association’s (MAA) “Annual Spring Members’ Show.” “Black Life in Mobile” sets out to answer the question, “What is Black Life in Mobile?”, and the “Annual Spring Members’ Show” will highlight the works of local artists affiliated with MAA. Both of these exhibitions will be on display in the MAC Gallery from May 5th – May 31st, 2022. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Saturday, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The Black Life, Arts, and Culture Coalition (BLACC) invited Mobile’s communities to document the answer to the question, “What is Black Life in Mobile?” Artists were hired to go into recreation centers to place cameras into the hands of people across Mobile’s Black communities, educate and empower participants to visually answer the question through photography. The resulting photovoice project features over 200 images submitted by area residents. The goal of this project and the BLACC is to create greater representation and visibility for Black Culture, Heritage, and Community in Mobile.

The featured photographs and video are by Barja Wilson, McKenzie Reed, Ira Bates, Reginaldo Garcia, Vincent Lawson, Ransom Phelps, Torcivia Daniels, Jade Smythe, Donjoli Rowser, Sharonda Harris-Marshall, Linda Stevens, Charles E. Williams Sr., E.J. Wright, Fandoms Anonymous, Felicia Whittiker, Ashley Streeter, and Disrup Shun members Chelcee Minniefield, Jordan Price, and Roberta Richardson.

This project was created in collaboration with the Alabama Contemporary Art Center, City of Mobile Parks and Recreation, and Mobile Arts Council.

April Exhibition: “FIVE”

“Five” is a juried exhibition of work by students from the area’s five colleges and universities, sponsored every other year by the Mobile Arts Council (MAC). The 2022 exhibition will be displayed in MAC’s Gallery @ Room 1927 from Wednesday, April 6th through Friday, April 29th, with a reception and awards presentation during the LoDa ArtWalk on Friday, April 8th at 7:00 p.m.

The exhibition is open to any student – not only students studying art – enrolled during any part of the 2021 – 2022 academic year at Bishop State Community College, Coastal Alabama Community College, Spring Hill College, the University of Mobile, or the University of South Alabama. Students could submit up to three pieces in any medium/style, created while enrolled in their current school. Students received a free, one-year MAC membership for applying, as well as cash prizes for the winners.

This year, we received 97 submissions from 34 students. Thank you to our judge, Valerie George, for jurying the pieces that make up this exhibition, and thank you to all of the students and professors who make this wonderful competition possible!

Congratulations to this year’s FIVE winners: Best of Show, Micah Mermilliod; Second Place, Summer Hill; Third Place, Leia Carter; Judge’s Choice, Chase Essary; Judge’s Choice, Peri Carr; and Judge’s Choice, Kennedy Sarrazin. Winners received cash, gift certificates, and other prizes for courtesy of Lupercalia Art Society, Sophiella Gallery, Mobile Art Association, Mobile Arts Council, and Ashland Gallery. See the winning entries below, and view photos of the exhibition on our April ArtWalk Facebook album.

March Exhibitions: “A Walk in the Woods” by Wendy Allen, “Wildlife Wedding Cakes” by Nancy Milford, & the “Bienville Fallen Oak Exhibition”

This March, the Mobile Arts Council’s Gallery @ Room 1927 will feature three exhibitions: A Walk in the Woods by Wendy Allen, Wildlife Wedding Cakes by Nancy Milford, and the Fallen Bienville Oak Exhibition. Gallery Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays – Fridays and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. These exhibitions will hang through Thursday, March 31st. The gallery will be closed Saturday, March 19th for a private Saenger event.

A Walk in the Woods showcases Wendy Allen’s love for the wildlife- especially the trees- that she has admired her entire life. Growing up in Mobile, Wendy’s youth was spent walking in tree-lined neighborhoods and school yards. The massive trees always seemed to be welcoming her with open arms, inviting her to climb up and see the world from the top. This fascination and love of trees has only grown stronger over the years. As a self-taught artist, Wendy’s road to painting has been a long time in coming. She grew up in a large family of creative siblings, who she greatly admired, but felt a little intimidated to join. She dabbled with drawing after her children were grown, continued painting with her grandchildren, and always was doodling in her journals. In 2015, Wendy, along with her siblings, produced an exhibit showcasing the diversity of art in their family with the Mobile Arts Council. In 2016, Wendy decided to make a grand tour, by car, around the country to see as many Champion trees as she could. She visited 13 states, traveled over 12,000 miles, and saw the most magnificent trees- the Oaks of South Carolina, the Cottonwoods of Utah, the Sycamores of Pennsylvania, and the Copper Beeches of Massachusetts, just to name a few. In 2017, she sold her home, bought a camper and truck, and took off with her dog, Shadow, heading out on the road again to experience the country. For the next three years Wendy would travel to New Mexico, Arizona, Virginia, Florida, and all points in between. “The diversity in my country is amazing, and that is how my paintings began to come together. Now in the 80th year of my life, I offer these diverse pieces showcasing my love of the forest, and all the creatures, especially my trees, that live there.”

Nancy Milford’s Wildlife Wedding Cakes celebrates wildlife, and what better way to celebrate than cake! Nancy grew up in Baldwin County, when porches were still made for sleeping, and picnic tables were for picking fresh bay crabs, corn, and beans.  She is a self-taught artist currently pursuing dual degrees in art and pastry at Coastal Alabama Community College.  She holds a B.S. in biology and a M.S in engineering. Her artwork predominately deals with nature themes and can be can be scientific or whimsical, depending on the goal of the specific art project.  She is a member of the Mobile Arts Council and the American Society of Botanical Artists. Wildlife Wedding Cakes blends wildlife habitats and human celebration, representing the need to create better lives for all. This exhibition explores the beginning of commitment, love, and pro-creation, all necessary for the continuation of species. The idea for this exhibition occurred early in the pandemic when the world was still and silent, if only for a moment. “A bobcat felt free enough to make a curious appearance in my front yard. This encounter made me realize how wildlife lives in forced isolation based on humanity’s whims. With two years of my own Covid isolation, I have gained new empathy for the condition of our wildlife. Our coastal habitat is an intricate and delicate web of ecology that requires protection to minimize human impact on wildlife. This exhibition is my way to celebrate wildlife and honor their right to live less encumbered by human impact.”

In September of 2020, the Gulf Coast was ravaged by Hurricane Sally. While Mobile did not suffer the worst of the storm, nearly 20 of the historic Bienville Square oak trees fell to her devastating winds. Almost a year and a half later, pieces of these iconic oak trees are being given new life in the Mobile Arts Council Gallery @ Room 1927. Artists of varying backgrounds, art styles, and personal ties to Mobile claimed pieces of the fallen trees in early 2021, and are now returning them as fully realized pieces of art for the Fallen Bienville Oak Exhibition. From bowls to frames and beyond, almost 50 artists have assisted in redefining this tragedy into artistic triumph. While the oak trees may no longer be standing in Bienville Square, these works remind Mobilians of their rich history and the significance of the arts in our community.

Thank you to all of the participating artists: Paul Campbell, Chris Fayland, Brandon Fischer, Bradford Ladd, Michael Lenga, April Livingston, Charity Mason, Gary Mason, Andrew Mosley, Abe Partridge, Wanda Sullivan, Steven Reece, Fred Rettig, Ben Reynolds, Samantha Breland Savage, Kathleen Kirk Stoves, Renee Wallace, William Winston Whitfield, Amanda Youngblood, Azalea Home & Custom Furniture, and Delta Scott Woodworks.

The Artys is an annual awards program that celebrates the important contributions that individuals, groups, and businesses make to the Mobile cultural community. Finalists have been announced in the remaining nine award categories, with winners to be announced live at the event.

Artys attendees will enjoy a night of celebration, complete with food, drinks and entertainment in many forms. A jazz trio comprised of John Milham, Chris Spies, and Chris Severin will play, with performances by Mobile Opera and Joe Jefferson Players throughout the ceremony.

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