Pyramidz and Transparenciez

Dates: October 1-31, 2016
Painting by Ian Glass

Ian Glass will be displaying a series of paintings, titled “Pyramidz and Transparenciez (beyond logic and reason)” in the Small Room. This series of work spans a timeline of about 3 and a half years. It begins with figurative abstraction and develops into a series of non-representational oil paintings. Ian wants the viewer to see how his style developed over time, ending with “Pyramidz in Winter Snow.” “There is a strong affinity between non-representational and figurative forms, one that I have closely examined while building a body of work. In this case, I will be focusing on the former, invested mainly in angular forms, and the masculine symbology that permeates my work. The paintings can be thought of as visual poems, for the construction of them was gone about in a similar way. The first stage was a very erratic demonstration of line, letting go of any unnecessary constraints, only to let the image secure itself in mind. Then several stages of revision soon followed, a slow process of push and pull. This show is equally interested in the conscious and unconscious mind. It has required a certain amount of detachment and calm dedication to create a bridge in a Freudian sense. It is a resolution. It is a consolatory act.” – Ian Glass Ian recently competed in MAC’s live art competition, ART Works – The Throwdown 5, and is represented in Gallery 450. His exhibit will be on display at MAC during the month of October. Meet the artist on ArtWalk night, October 14th, from 6:00 – 9:00 PM. The gallery will be open from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on weekdays.

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