October Artist Member of the Month

Congratulations to our October Artist Member of the Month, Louis Tooker!

Louis is a local architect working for the City of Mobile. His drawings look a bit different during his free time, with his focus turning mostly to the organic lines and structure of the human form. Louis speaks of his work, saying “For much of my life, I have been intrigued by the human form. I am fascinated by the interaction of light and shadow on the human body and the features of the face, and the ways in which the use of highlights and shadows can reveal the ‘truths’ about the forms I seek to portray.

I typically work with light and dark pastels or colored pencils on a mid-tone paper, allowing the color of the paper to create all of the middle values. And I generally prefer to have a single, strong light source, in the belief that multiple light sources can sometimes result in a drawing that lacks clarity.

My mother was a portrait artist, and frequently displayed her work in local art shows, seeking commissions for oil or pastel portraits. Like my mother, I generally paint portraits from photographs, although I have done many figurative studies from life.”

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