January Artist Member of the Month

Congratulations to our January Artist Member of the Month, Sarah Rutledge Fischer!

Sarah is a self-taught artist who works mostly with acrylics. She enjoys painting outdoor murals like the utility box she recently finished for Mobile Arts Council, but she typically paints on canvas or paper.

Sarah says she “begins with backgrounds created en masse to increase the random nature of their messy layers.” From there, she pulls out the lines and shapes hiding within the created background, “until meaning emerges from the chaos.”

She explains further, “the compositions may arise from my subconscious, from intuition, from the divine… It is not mine to know. What I do know is that each piece carries meaning and connection for someone, and often when that person finds the piece, the connection defies understanding and logic.”

Sarah’s work is available for purchase or commission and studio visits can be arranged. You may also join her retreat, Currency of You, April 11th-14th in Gulf Shores. The retreat is an all-inclusive 4-day/ 3-night experience led by Sarah, licensed financial advisor Roselyn Spaan, and narrative guide Laura Lang. To learn about this retreat and more, contact Sarah at sarahrutledgefischer@gmail.com.

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