Copper – The Brazier’s Art

Dates: December 1-31, 2016
Sculpture by Lebaron Heathcoe

The Danielle Juzan Gallery will feature copper sculptures – bowls, wall hangings, kinetic hanging sculptures, and more – by artist Lebaron Heathcoe. Heathcoe creates art using pure copper.  He cuts it by hand, shapes it by beating or heating, or welding.  At times, he incorporates brass, stone, or driftwood to highlight the copper.  His subjects reflect sea life, music and home décor (such as bowls and vases). “Azalea City Copper is dedicated to handcrafted copper art highlighting its natural beauty, properties and form,” according to Heathcoe. Arthur “Lebaron” Heathcoe started in the metal business in Mobile in 1978, training as a journeyman boilermaker working with various metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, copper and nickel.  He learned about their properties and how temperature and force could shape and mold them into vessels for industry.  However, he always admired and valued copper.  In 1995, he started making yard art or home décor items for family and friends as a hobby.  According to Heathcoe, “If someone had an idea, I would design and make it with copper.”  In 2012, he reached a junction in his life – deciding to devote his attentions to copper full time.  He started by expanding his copper knowledge and abilities by taking a class at David Burns Studio (a well-known copper artist specializing on the west coast) in Grass Valley, California. Heathcoe retired in 2013 as a boilermaker and decided to make his dream as a copper artist a reality. Heathcoe’s exhibit will be on display at MAC during the month of December. Meet the artist on ArtWalk night, December 9th, from 6:00 – 9:00 PM. The gallery will be open from 9 – 5 on weekdays for most of December, and will be open weekends during Sunday Funday (the 11th) and Holiday Market on the Square (the 17th). The gallery will be closed through Christmas break, from December 26 – 30.

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