Bienville Oaks: Artists Wanted for Fallen Trees

Apply online through the application to be eligible for a piece of wood from the fallen Bienville oaks. The information provided will be used to determine the artistic merit of those interested and help us determine how to divide the salvageable wood from Bienville Square. This application will close after Tuesday, December 1st, and we will follow up with a plan the following week via email. Thank you for your patience and participation! Artists willing to make and share their work in a public display will be given priority.

Apply online here!

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  1. Margaret Richey on November 19, 2020 at 1:45 am

    I’m a local artist. I would love two or three (or as many that you will allow) thin slices to paint on. A series. I would love to paint on a piece of history from our beautiful city. Please consider me. Thank you. I love Mobile

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