Art of the Bay

Dates: March 1-31, 2017
“Grieving in the Grove” by Renee Edwards

In celebration of Baykeeper’s 20th Anniversary, MAC put out an open call for artwork in any media relating to the Mobile Bay Watershed and/or recycling to fill our galleries. There are three separate components to the show: a photography exhibition, a recycled art exhibition, and artwork in all other media. In addition to landscape and animals along the watershed, the show relates to federally endangered or threatened watershed animals/plants. The exhibition’s goal to educate the public about sustaining the Watershed as well as to raise awareness of Baykeeper’s mission: to provide citizens a means to protect the beauty, health and heritage of the Mobile Bay Watershed and our coastal communities. The exhibition will be on display through Monday, March 5 until noon on Thursday, March 30. 10% of exhibition sales will be donated to Mobile Baykeeper. Meet the artists during ArtWalk on Friday, March 10 (6 – 9 PM)! Visit Baykeeper’s website to learn more about their mission and for information about the Watershed. Interested artists – download the show prospectus for information on how to participate! The deadline for submission drop offs is March 3, 2017. As of now, participating artists include: Ainsley McNeily, April Livingston, Ashley Friend, Bill Morris, Catherine Helmsing, Chris Cumbie, Dawson Morgan, Devlin Wilson, Eddie Erdmann, Elise McClellan, Gail Bramer, Jeff Johnston, Jenn Grainger, Joanne Brandt, Julie Day, Karen Bullock, Karen Spaulding, Kathleen Stoves, Kathy Friedline, Melissa Munger, Lisa Warren, Lucy Gafford, Lynda Smith Touart, Melissa Hinton, Michele Brinkman, Michele Traum, Mike Carmichael, Nancy Milford, Nikki Shaw, Renee Edwards, Ruby Lange, Satomi Kamei, Shawn Berdux, Susan Downing White, and Susan Rouillier.

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