Amp Up Arts at Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama

Along with our Amp Up Arts classes at three Mobile County Public Schools this summer, we’re grateful to be able to reach four Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama with a variety of art classes. This June, we’ve had artist led classes at Bernard Malkove, Sonny Callahan, Semmes, and Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs. Our classes have been focused on dance, clay sculpture, drawing, painting, and puppetry.

These photos were taken at the Kiwanis Club, showing the fun and creativity of our puppetry class led by artist and educator, Lesley Anne Roberts. During this first week of classes, Lesley introduced students to Bunraku-style puppetry, hand-and-rod puppetry, and stick puppetry. We are excited to see these young thespians explore this artform while building confidence and skill.

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