September-October 2020 - Annual MAC Members' Show

The 2020 Members' Show hangs in the Gallery in Room 1927 from Friday, Septemeber 4th until Thursday, October 29th. The show features over 30 artists that represent the array of mediums and skill levels within Mobile's visual arts community. Visit the gallery Wednesday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to see the work of MAC members.

The 2020 MAC Members' Show features:

Aireanne Lopez, Amanda Youngblood, Amy Bark, Anne Rose, Ashley Friend, Ben Kaiser, Benita McNider, Bryant Whelan, Corky Goldman, Dawson Morgan, Ginger Woechan, Gregory Dixon, Gwen Ainsworth, Harlan Schwall, Janie Brown, Jerry Fair, Judy Aronson, Kathleen Kirk Stoves, Laurie Schaerer, Lillian McKinney, Lynda Smith Touart, Marnée Wiley, Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough, Micah Mermilliod, Michelle Pujols, Mike Carmichael, Mike Kittrell, Molly Lorraine Phalan, Monica J. Beasley, Nikki Shaw, Renee Wallace, Robert Schroeter, Ruby Lange, Sherry Peckens, Soynika Edwards-Bush, Susan Fitzsimmons, Susan Mogan, William Morris, and Yannicke Lee.

July 2020 - Reagan Barnett, Micah Mermilliod, Taylor Shaw

This July, the Mobile Arts Council is proud to showcase three artists from the Mobile area. Regan Barnett presents Nature's Lens, an impressionist look at landscape and nature photography. Micah Mermilliod's exhibition, Quarantine Walks, is a series of Fujifilm Instax photographs that reflect the changes he noticed in the community throughout the quarantine. Taylor Shaw presents Quilts from Quarantine which is a group effort to create something larger than the individual, and provide a sense of distant community in times of worry.

April 2020 - "Five Competition"

This April, the Mobile Arts Council’s Virtual Gallery presents “Five,” MAC's biennial college art competition. Artwork by students of the 2019 - 2020 academic year from Bishop State Community College, Coastal Alabama Community College, Spring Hill College, the University of Mobile, and the University of South Alabama has been selected by this year’s judge, renowned ceramicist, Charles Smith.

March 2020 - "Home and Heritage" & "Universal Beauty"

March 2020, the Mobile Arts Council's Gallery @ Room 1927 featured artists Ben Kaiser and Cat Pope in their new show, “Home and Heritage,” and Sahar Alford’s exhibition, “Universal Beauty."

According to Kaiser and Pope, artists often look back on their childhoods for inspiration. They think of loved ones. They think of the places where they grew up; places that mean or meant something. They think about where they came from and the people that matter most.

“Home and Heritage,” is a show of growth. It is a depiction of pasts and beginnings; of hometowns and explorations; and of colors that take us back to a place we remember. Kaiser and Pope hope that in seeing their work you not only see a part of them but connect to a piece that resonates with you, too.

Like painting, Alford’s love and passion for dance came at a very early age. Her March exhibition is a series of realistic paintings with the theme of “Universal Beauty.” The purpose is to capture beauty, strength and dreams of females from around the world through different dance styles and cultures.

Visit our exhibiting artist sites here: Cat Pope, Benjamin Kaiser, Sahar K Alford.