Isom Clemon Civil Rights Memorial Park - Reference Images


  • October 18, 1919 - April 16, 1994
  • Co-founder of AL Democratic Conference, formed in 1960 to support the candidacy of John F. Kennedy for President of the United States, now the premier grassroots political organization in the state
  • Credited with bringing the banana business back to Mobile, AL
  • Increased pension and welfare benefits for members of ILA Local 1410, which represented Black longshoremen at the Port of Mobile; past president of ILA Local 1410
  • An Active member of Mobile United
  • Field representatives for Master Mates and Pilots Union
  • He was a nationally recognized labor leader and held positions in the International Longshoreman’s Association



The goal is to create dignified statuary honoring Isom Clemon that is accessible and cohesive with the County's plan to develop Mobile County Civil Rights and Cultural Heritage Districts, including the redevelopment of Isom Clemon Civil Rights Memorial Park in downtown Mobile.



Design, create, deliver, and install statues representing Isom Clemon and his impactful work in our area. One six to seven-foot-tall bronze statue will be created, plus a pedestal, depicting Isom Clemon (pictured). Five smaller statues (at least four to five feet tall including the pedestals), will surround Isom's figure in the center of the park and serve as representations of his civil rights work with the International Longshoreman's Association and Labor Movement.



The RFP will only consider artists and artists teams with the following qualifications:
1. Must be 18 years or older.
3. Artist/artist teams must reside in Alabama or have strong connections to the state.
2. Have at least five years of experience as a professional artist.
3. Have experience with projects of the proposed scale and resources available for completing the project.
4. Carry personal liability insurance for the duration of the project until installation is complete and accepted.
5. Meet all contractual obligations and adhere to the timeline provided.
6. If selected, be prepared to present their concept to a selection committee.

Selections will be made regardless of race, sex, color, religion, gender, age, physical or mental ability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, creed, culture, or ancestry.



The following schedule is provided for planning purposes based on current information. However, all dates are subject to revision, including RFP deadlines.

March 31 - May 31, 2023: RFP Open

June 9: Committee Selects RFP applicant finalist(s)

July 1: Winner Announced

TBD: Completion of Statues & Installation


Contact Angela Montgomery at or 251-432-9796 for additional resources, such as photos of Isom, or for questions regarding this project.