Eastern Shore Art Center: “Southern Spirits” by Banks Compton

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Date(s) - January 5, 2024 - February 24, 2024
12:00 am

Eastern Shore Art Center


Capturing the Essence of Home”
Banks Compton

On Display: January 5 – February 24, 2024

Banks Compton is a mural artist residing in Foley, AL. He focuses on creating beautiful works of public art that give a sense of the greater community. Several of his installations provide cultural markers of identity for life in the regional south. While he is known as a southern artist, Banks has also painted murals across the country.

“Southern Spirits: Capturing the Essence of Home” Is my autobiographical journey of finding home in a series of paintings and drawings, each serving as a visual poem that captures the nuances of my disrupted entry into adulthood, catalyzed by the impact of Covid-19, ultimately culminating in my heartfelt return to my roots in Alabama.

Within each painting, I weave tales of everyday life in the South, illuminating the inherent beauty that often goes unnoticed. These artworks are dramatized settings that accentuate epic narratives— stories of spiritual awakening, profound connections of love, and a genuine appreciation for the natural splendor that defines Alabama.

As you engage with the collection, I extend an invitation to not merely observe but to immerse yourself in the raw expression of openness and adventure embedded in each piece. “Southern Spirits” becomes a mirror reflecting the shared human experience, encouraging you to discover echoes of your own life stories within the vibrant landscapes, portraits, and illustrations of life in Alabama.