Alabama Contemporary Art Center: EX TABULA RASA

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Date(s) - December 20, 2022
All Day

Alabama Contemporary Art Center



EX-Tabula RASA represents a different trend of thought; we live in an age rife with data overflow, convenience, and product-laden desire. Constantly fed with artificial intelligence, social media and communication in the form of code, we are taking in, accessing and ejecting new and old ideas every minute. Our bank of knowledge is forever mutable. We are anything but blank slates. Avienna of the 11th century said: “Knowledge is attained through “empirical familiarity with objects in this world from which one abstracts universal concepts.” When viewers enter EX-Tabula RASA, they will be asked to discard preconceptions and experience a transformed reality. Objects are not what they seem. Our knowledge of these low-end objects combined with our perception of them after being altered, presents us with new correlations. Abstraction has transcended utility. The lines in the webbing create a sense of motion sweeping your eye across the work, and allowing the mind to be washed over with its seeming paradox—-a larger than life art work made out of what we as a culture discard.