Mobile SketchCrawl

Enrico Casarosa, a storyboard artist for Pixar, started the SketchCrawl concept several years ago in San Francisco, and now it has spread across the planet. It’s a little like a pub crawl - but with sketchbooks. Everyone meets at an appointed spot early in the morning and then scatters for a day-long sketch marathon. The goal is at least one sketch an hour of anything you see, but some people draw more, some draw less. Some stick to pencil, others use field watercolors, markers, whatever they like best. The idea is to have fun and draw, draw, draw.

At the end of the day, everyone meets up again to look at sketchbooks and to upload sketches to our page, where the images can be shared and seen with others throughout the community. In 2009, local artist Val Webb suggested that Mobile Arts Council serve as the coordinator for the event. Join our Facebook page albums to see past sketches, photos of the sketchers, and for updates on times and locations of future SketchCrawls!