Arts Advocacy Day

date: March 20, 2017

The arts play a big role in life on the Gulf Coast.

You can see and hear evidence of this role nearly anywhere you travel in Mobile. Public art pieces are visible in the form of statues, painted oyster shells, and murals. Musical performances are a regular occurrence at local restaurants and venues, the sounds of which you can hear travelling down Dauphin Street. Local organizations bring the arts to life through classic and modern performances in theatre, ballet, and classical compositions.

We celebrate local arts achievements annually at the Artys, but the arts deserve recognition and celebration throughout the year.

The arts do so much more than provide entertainment or something pretty to view. Dating back to the Great Depression, arts funding projects through the New Deal employed thousands of artists. Such funding sustained these artists and laid the groundwork for community art centers and public art pieces around the country.

The arts are more than a simple public school art class. Studies show that students of the arts are significantly more optimistic about their chances to attend college than non-arts students. Adolescents enrolled in arts programs were up to 26% less likely than their non-enrolled counterparts to be engaged in delinquent behaviors.

More and more businesses are recognizing the positive impact of arts and actively supporting the programs. Businesses such as Wind Creek Hospitality, Jake Peavy Foundation, and the Hargrove Foundation all recognize the role of arts in the community and celebrated local achievements with us as major sponsors of the 2016 Artys.

There are so many more ways to celebrate arts than just through an annual event. We celebrate the arts every month at Art Walk, various Arts and Crafts Markets, and special programs, such as ChARTing New Directions in the summer. We help get the word out about events at Mobile Ballet, Mobile Opera, Joe Jefferson Players, Playhouse in the Park, Mobile Museum of Art—the list goes on and on.

March 20-21 is Arts Advocacy Day, but we want to continue to recognize arts achievement throughout the year.

After all, as Mobilians we are “born to celebrate.”