Endless Summer

date: June 01, 2017

"Flock at Twilight" by Cat Pope

This June, the Skinny Gallery will feature works by Cat Pope - an artist madly in love with color relationships, dramatic energy, and confident brushwork. Her childhood in Clearwater, Florida instilled in her a love for the natural landscape and the unique sense of light found along the Gulf Coast.

Most known for her oil paintings, Cat’s work depicts the coastal South using post-impressionist and contemporary realist techniques. Layers of color, bold shapes, and manipulation of surface texture illustrate a fascination with the nature of the medium itself and its rapturous capacity for memory.

Cat currently lives and works from her studio in Mobile, Alabama. When not in the midst of creating, Cat enjoys teaching workshops at the Eastern Shore Art Center (Fairhope, AL), and the Mobile Museum of Art (Mobile, AL). Her works have been collected throughout the United States.

According to Cat, "As an artist I cherish adventure, and I am continually enchanted by color and its power to translate atmosphere.  This exhibition, as with most of my work, explores the coastal lifestyle, past and present, with the soul of a simpler, romanticized era.  Industries of travel and entertainment may change, but nostalgia never grows old."

The exhibition will be on display through Friday, June 30. Meet the artist during ArtWalk on Friday, June 9 (6 - 9 PM)! For more information and images, Cat’s portfolio can be found on her website:

Denise Inge: A Retrospective

date: April 26, 2017

"Crab" by Denise Inge

The Small Room will display works by Mobile artist Denise Inge. “Denise Inge: A Retrospective” will celebrate the life and work of the Gulf Coast painter and long time MAC member - serving as a memorial to the artist.

"Denise Inge was a friend to all and a mentor to many up-and-coming artists in the area. For those that frequented Market on the Square, Denise was always present with a plethora of paintings and prints. Spunky, cheerful, and full of energy, Denise was an immensely talented and kind soul. We are honored to have the exhibition, and share our condolences to all of her friends and family." - MAC Program Director, Lucy Gafford

Denise's exhibition will be on display through Wednesday, May 31. Meet her friends and family during ArtWalk on Friday, May 12 (6 - 9 PM)!

Space: the Final Frontier

date: April 26, 2017

The Skinny Gallery will be out of this world! St. Igniatius Catholic School students, under the guidance of art teacher Brennan Gibson, have created works around the theme “Space: the Final Frontier”. Their yearlong mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new art and new techniques, to boldly go where no class has gone before.

Brennan Gibson is the art teacher at Ignatius Catholic School. She studied Elementary Education and Studio Art at the University of South Alabama and is currently working on a Masters in Art Education. Her favorite thing about being an art teacher is getting to know all of the amazing artists at St. Ignatius and being continually ​inspired by their creations and ideas.

The exhibition will be on display through Wednesday, May 31. Meet the artists during ArtWalk on Friday, May 12 (6 - 9 PM)!

Aquila Sunrise

date: April 26, 2017

Painting by Devlin Wilson

Painting by Devlin Wilson

The Danielle Juzan Gallery will feature “Aquila Sunrise”, a new painting series by Devlin Wilson. “This show, for me, is representation of the innate inspiration of bays, beaches and sailing adventures I experienced over the past year.  Reflections of turquoise and the entire spectrum of colors that silhouette flora and fauna, birds and boats, water and sky, depict my love of everything beautiful about living on and loving the Gulf Coast”.  – Devlin Wilson

Devlin's exhibition will be on display through Wednesday, May 31. Meet the artists during ArtWalk on Friday, May 12 (6 - 9 PM)!

Lay Down

date: March 30, 2017

"Lay Down” features new, multi media works by artist Colleen Terrell Comer. 

LAY (verb)

1. put down, especially gently or carefully.

2. put down and set in position for use.

At some point, most people must lay down a part of their lives in order to take up other things.

Colleen's exhibition will be on display in the Small Room through Friday, April 28. Meet the artist during ArtWalk on Friday, April 7 (6 - 9 PM)!

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