Lay Down

date: March 30, 2017

"Lay Down” features new, multi media works by artist Colleen Terrell Comer. 

LAY (verb)

1. put down, especially gently or carefully.

2. put down and set in position for use.

At some point, most people must lay down a part of their lives in order to take up other things.

Colleen's exhibition will be on display in the Small Room through Friday, April 28. Meet the artist during ArtWalk on Friday, April 7 (6 - 9 PM)!

South Mississippi Art League

date: March 30, 2017

The Danielle Juzan Gallery will feature works from The South Mississippi Art League, an artist collective that was established in 2015 with the goal of creating traveling exhibits and providing an outlet for MS Gulf Coast-based professional artists to promote and display their work.  Featured artists include Pat Abernathy, Sandra Halat, Cissy Quinn, Norma Seward, Paulette Dove, Patt Odom, Stacey Johnson, Carmen Lugo, Carolyn Busenlener, Julia Reyes, and George Ann McCullough.

Their exhibition will be on display through Friday, April 28. Meet the artists during ArtWalk on Friday, April 7 (6 - 9 PM)!

Mobile Art Association - Spring Show

date: March 30, 2017

Members of the Mobile Art Association are exhibiting their annual Spring Show in the Skinny Gallery.  Each member could enter up to two pieces of work, which could be 2D or 3D. The judge for the show was Craig Reynolds, currently of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Craig is a professional artist and instructor who has primarily done Plein Air painting since 2006, winning many awards along the way.

Participating artists include Joseph Formwalt, Melissa Stuart, Anne Rose, Julie Andel, Corky Goldman, Sondra Carlisle, Sherry Ann Roy, Harriet Cain, Michael Carmichael, Barbara Rettig, Matilde Tellaetxe, Philippe Oszuscik, Benjamin Shamback, Nola Powell, Tamara Jordan Lindsay, Karen McGahagin, Judy Boswell, Jeff Johnston, Claudia McClure, Doris Amster, Deborah Hall, Juli Day, Susy Fox, Marcy Matherne, Karen Smith, Missy Patrick, Karen Spaulding, Gail Bramer, and Carol Wiggins.

The exhibition will be on display through Friday, April 28. Meet the artists during award reception at ArtWalk on Friday, April 7 (6 - 9 PM)!

Arts Advocacy Day

date: March 20, 2017

The arts play a big role in life on the Gulf Coast.

You can see and hear evidence of this role nearly anywhere you travel in Mobile. Public art pieces are visible in the form of statues, painted oyster shells, and murals. Musical performances are a regular occurrence at local restaurants and venues, the sounds of which you can hear travelling down Dauphin Street. Local organizations bring the arts to life through classic and modern performances in theatre, ballet, and classical compositions.

We celebrate local arts achievements annually at the Artys, but the arts deserve recognition and celebration throughout the year.

The arts do so much more than provide entertainment or something pretty to view. Dating back to the Great Depression, arts funding projects through the New Deal employed thousands of artists. Such funding sustained these artists and laid the groundwork for community art centers and public art pieces around the country.

The arts are more than a simple public school art class. Studies show that students of the arts are significantly more optimistic about their chances to attend college than non-arts students. Adolescents enrolled in arts programs were up to 26% less likely than their non-enrolled counterparts to be engaged in delinquent behaviors.

More and more businesses are recognizing the positive impact of arts and actively supporting the programs. Businesses such as Wind Creek Hospitality, Jake Peavy Foundation, and the Hargrove Foundation all recognize the role of arts in the community and celebrated local achievements with us as major sponsors of the 2016 Artys.

There are so many more ways to celebrate arts than just through an annual event. We celebrate the arts every month at Art Walk, various Arts and Crafts Markets, and special programs, such as ChARTing New Directions in the summer. We help get the word out about events at Mobile Ballet, Mobile Opera, Joe Jefferson Players, Playhouse in the Park, Mobile Museum of Art—the list goes on and on.

March 20-21 is Arts Advocacy Day, but we want to continue to recognize arts achievement throughout the year.

After all, as Mobilians we are “born to celebrate.”

Art of the Bay

date: February 24, 2017

In celebration of Baykeeper’s 20th Anniversary, MAC put out an open call for artwork in any media relating to the Mobile Bay Watershed and/or recycling to fill our galleries. There are three separate components to the show: a photography exhibition, a recycled art exhibition, and artwork in all other media. In addition to landscape and animals along the watershed, the show relates to federally endangered or threatened watershed animals/plants. The exhibition’s goal to educate the public about sustaining the Watershed as well as to raise awareness of Baykeeper’s mission: to provide citizens a means to protect the beauty, health and heritage of the Mobile Bay Watershed and our coastal communities.

The exhibition will be on display through Monday, March 5 until noon on Thursday, March 30. 10% of exhibition sales will be donated to Mobile Baykeeper. Meet the artists during ArtWalk on Friday, March 10 (6 - 9 PM)!

Visit Baykeeper’s website to learn more about their mission and for information about the Watershed. Interested artists - download the show prospectus for information on how to participate! The deadline for submission drop offs is March 3, 2017.

As of now, participating artists include: Ainsley McNeily, April Livingston, Ashley Friend, Bill Morris, Catherine Helmsing, Chris Cumbie, Dawson Morgan, Devlin Wilson, Eddie Erdmann, Elise McClellan, Gail Bramer, Jeff Johnston, Jenn Grainger, Joanne Brandt, Julie Day, Karen Bullock, Karen Spaulding, Kathleen Stoves, Kathy Friedline, Melissa Munger, Lisa Warren, Lucy Gafford, Lynda Smith Touart, Melissa Hinton, Michele Brinkman, Michele Traum, Mike Carmichael, Nancy Milford, Nikki Shaw, Renee Edwards, Ruby Lange, Satomi Kamei, Shawn Berdux, Susan Downing White, and Susan Rouillier.

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