Events for Sunday, May 21, 2017

Open Studio

Artists at work; complimentary beverages; works by more than 60 area artists on display. Sunday, 11 AM - 3 PM.  Will not meet if studio date falls on a major holiday. 

Location: Cathedral Square Gallery

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CCT: “The Music Man”

This ever-popular show will be directed by Nedra Bloom and will run from May 5- 21.

Location: Chickasaw Civic Theatre

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MMD: The Case of the Maple Tree Murder!!

Professor Joe Yokee, creator of a world-changing, delicious, UNICORN RAINBOW FRAPPUCCINO recipe, has been found murdered!  He was left hanging from a large Maple tree in the front yard of his home in Seattle, Washington. His recipe has gone missing, apparently stolen by someone of a violent, unscrupulous nature. 

The Professor's daughter, Kari Yokee, wants the formula back and to solve her father's murder, but who can help her?

Enter dashing and handsome, Harley Ryder, of Barsucks.   He is their sales agent, counter intelligence, anti-terrorism expert and foiler of industrial espionage.  His agent number is 0014 -- double digits because he is TWICE as clever as 007!!  But, is he a double agent as well?  

Join Ryder on a trip that takes him to far-away places in pursuit of villains, an elusive recipe, and the truth.  He has to fight for his life at each location to which he travels, as you follow Special Agent Harley Ryder around the world looking for the missing recipe.  

His first stop is south Florida where he will run into rich, powerful billionaire women, Mercedes Carr  and Tiffany Cartier in Miami and their guy-Friday, fancy boy, Sven Gaylord.  Sven is dedicated ( a point) and the women are treacherous! 

He will then encounter exotic belly dancers, Cleopatra, Nefertiti and Hathor who are with the  swarthy Egyptian brute, Kamal Joqui  in the bazaar marketplace as he stops in Cairo, Egypt. Someone should have warned the poor guy about the veil dance!!

After Egypt, his next stop is Geneva, Switzerland, where he will meet up with a premier chocolatier, Tag Rocher'.  You will also meet the chocolatier's creepy hunchback apprentice, Francois, and his spooky wife, Grizilda as he goes to Swissley's Chocolate Factory, where our hero barely escapes with his life!!

Watch these colorful characters very carefully as you also watch your back...  No one knows who did may be sitting next to the culprit as we try to solve this mystery!!

The competition is cut-throat in the race against time to be the first one to find the formula worth untold wealth!!

Come join the fun!! Maybe YOU will win the prize for the best detective at Mobile Mystery Dinners!!

Location: Azalea Mannor

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The Art of Perception Vol. 2 - Opening Reception

Visit the Alabama Contemporary Art Center for The Art of Perception Vol. 2 presented by Red Cup Revolt.  Tickets available at EventBrite.

Location: Alabama Contemporary Art Center

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Theatre 98: On The Verge Or The Geography of Yearning

Mary, Fanny, And Alexandra are Victorian lady travelers who set out for Terra Incognita and discover the future. Written by Eric Overmyer and directed by Jon Robitaille.

Location: Theatre 98

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