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Michelle Aline Pujols icon_web-artist

Disciplines: Visual Arts/Design

Artist Statement:

Michelle Aline Pujols is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She graduated from Sam Houston State University with a major in Photography. She remained in Houston working for several commercial studios before starting her own freelance company. Michelle traveled across the country photographing equestrian shows and doing advertising photography for equestrian ranches. During her travels she often stopped to photograph natural settings that inspired her. Pujols eventually settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico. While in Santa Fe she worked with Carolyn Wright at The Photography Studio. It was while she was living in Santa Fe, Michelle stopped traveling and began exploring. Michelle sees her photography of nature as part of a universal whole. Her goal is to bring that understanding to all who view her work. The beauty of the land belongs to all. Her work gives the viewer an opportunity to see places and things that maybe unknown to them or to see them in a different light. As a fine art photographer Michelle Aline Pujols brings the beauty of the environment to all. Her fine art photography features environmental landscapes but she also enjoys stirring the creative juices by going into the fantasy world of ghostly images and otherworldly colors. Michelle is an award winning photographer whose work has been featured in "This Week in Texas," as well as appearing in many other national magazines. Her work has been purchased by the State of New Mexico, The Autry Museum of Western Heritage in Los Angeles, and for private collections across the country. Along with her fine art work Pujols continues with her work photographing the environment, weddings, events, sports and animals. Michelle has stock and fine art images on hand. Her stock and fine art images are predominantly environmental. She also does sports and action photography. Pujols is available for assignments if you have specific needs. She has photographed various types of sports including basketball, dog agility trials, races, etc. Michelle is interested in the environment, nature and sports. Her love for these things have shape her photography work. She is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and New Orleans Photo Alliance. Pujols is also a contributor to Age Fotostock and has images in several galleries. Michelle recently settled in the Alabama country side.