Creative Crossings

The Mobile Arts Council is inviting local artists to submit original artwork that can potentially be designed into crosswalks in downtown Mobile.

Creative Crossings – Street Art Competition is a live art contest that will take place along Dauphin Street during the TenSixtyFive music festival on September 30th. Up to 6 artists will be chosen to create their designs on the street during the festival. The Mobile Arts Council and Special Events Department will provide temporary art materials (spray chalk, chalk, pastels, etc.), shade tents, and lunches for competitors. The winning artist will receive a prize of $600! In addition, designs could potentially be chosen to become permanent artistic crosswalks installed in Mobile. The goal of “Creative Crossings” is to provide a live visual arts component to the TenSixtyFive festival, enhance the pedestrian experience, and add public art to downtown Mobile.

The deadline for artists to submit designs is September 6, 2017. To be eligible, artists must live in the Mobile area and be at least 18 years old. Designs should be original artwork and incorporate the shape of a crosswalk (see template on application form). Designs should be in full color. Preference will be given to designs that reflect Mobile Bay-focused content, but all entries are welcome. Designs should be for a single crossing and must utilize the asphalt as the canvas. The exterior white crosswalk lines cannot be obscured. Artists may have an assistant help them create their designs during the event. Artists will have from 11 AM to 5 PM to create their designs. The designs will then be judged and prizes will be awarded at 6 PM.

Download the application form to apply!